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Earn Money Online By Monetizing YouTube Videos

You can earn money by enable monetization on your youtube videos. Its very simple and easy , so lets get started.

Note : You must be from US region or from a region where youtube allow Video monetizaiton. In Asia , Youtube does not allow some countries to monetize their videos.

Steps for Evaluation

Step 1 : First of all you need to create a Google Account. So I assume that you already have a Google account.

Step 2 : You need a video for monetization too.

Note : The video you would have for monetization must not contain any violated contents or copyright claims. Otherwise , Youtube would reject your appeal for monetization. Plus you will not draw fake traffic to your monetized video as Youtube constantly crawl your videos.

Step 3 : After creating your google account, open .

Step 4 : Now click on "My Channel" option at the left side of the page.

Step 5 : Now you will be confronted by this screen

Step 6 : Now click on "Video Manager" option as highlighted in below image

Step 7 : Now you will be confronted with below screen. Just click on the "Channel" option on the left side

Step 8 : Now a list would open. Select "monetization" option from the list like below

Step 9 : Now click on "Enable Monitization" button. In below screenshot , my channel's monitization is already enabled so you have to enable your own. When you click on "Enable Monitization" button , you will be directed to another screen asking for your google account or google adsense account. You must have either of the above accounts. And then give your login credentials and google will review your monitization process. After few days , google will send you message regarding approval or disapproval for your videos monitization.

Note  : Remember , you must be from US region or from the region where Google allows monitization. Read Youtube terms and condition for Monitization from here  Youtube Monitization .

Step 10 : After your monitization is approved and enabled. Upload the video to youtube and after that enable monitization on each single video you have uploaded. Go Back to "Video Manager" option located on the left side. Select your video and click on "Edit" button like below

Step 11 :  Click on the "monitization" button like below

Step 12 : Now check "Display ads" option and monitization will be enabled on your video. Now you are able to earn money from the ads displayed on your videos via Google adsense.

Note : You can visit Google adsense terms and policies for displaying ads on your videos and regarding earning money via ads.

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